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My mission and my passion is to help clients get fitter, healthier–and just maybe, happier–one workout at time. And if you’ve found this site, maybe you’re ready to do just that!

  • Bring in the groceries in one trip.
  • Keep up with your kids on the slopes.
  • Carry baby in car seat up to your friends’ 3rd floor apartment.
  • Rearrange the living room furniture.
  • Run 10km for charity.

Daily life is full of opportunities and challenges. What would you like to accomplish? Call me and we’ll make a plan to get there together. You’re going to be proud of what your body can do!


Prioritize your body. Prioritize yourself.

Between commitments to family and home, career, causes and events, travel and friends, prioritizing oneself is hard. As a working mom of two toddlers I know it, I live it.

Whether you are looking to jumpstart your fitness after some time away, are ready to push yourself to the next performance level or are recovering from an injury or surgery, a personal trainer can help you achieve your goals with guidance and programming for your body.

When you trust me with your time and your body, my commitment in return is to give you the most effective, fun and appropriate workout for you.

It’s time to prioritize yourself: make your workout the appointment in your calendar you don’t miss.

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The Studio

You’re going to love training in a clean, private studio with over 850 square feet for you to stretch, sweat, and get strong.

We’re conveniently located on Sherbrooke Street West and Old Orchard, easily accessed from Westmount, NDG and Montreal West. Parking is easy.

Love to train outdoors? Being across from beautiful Girouard Park means we can take warm-ups and bodyweight training to the park while personal belongings are locked safely inside.

We have all the equipment you need to train hard and train smart. Face towels and filtered water are on hand, there’s a changing room with shower. All you need to bring is YOU!

How to get here

5582A Sherbrooke Street West Montreal, Quebec

Maxine is motivating and professional. She was able to personalize a plan that worked for me, my schedule and my body. Everyone needs to get fit and she’s a great person to help anyone achieve their goals.


I joined Maxine’s post natal fitness class about 4 months ago. My son and I have always felt very welcome and at ease in her studio. Not surprising as Max is a mom herself and sympathizes with emergency diaper changes, feeds and noisy babies. Her workouts are very creative, well balanced, and appropriately challenging. I really appreciate her attention to detail and focus on technique. Max is enthusiastic, funny and genuinely interested in helping her clients succeed. I truly enjoy and look forward to my weekly training sessions. Thank you Max!

Sarah Craig

she is exactly what I need...Maxine is always positive, supportive, energetic, happy, fun, straight-up-yes-you-can-no-messin-around-this-is-how-we-kick-butt...! Since training with her, I have been more motivated and i've learned so much about what my body is capable of and what i need to do to stay healthy, get stronger and faster at running (& more) AND about staying focussed, determined, and confident. big thank you to Maxine!

Denise A Olivares

I started training with Max 3 months ago and after just a couple of weeks I felt the difference in my strength and my energy levels. Her classes and fun and challenging every single time and it makes working out a fun activity instead of a burden. Thank you Max for always pushing me to do better.

Maryam Jimenez Sfeir

J'ai essayé hier et j'ai vraiment apprécié!
Maxime prête vraiment attention à chacune personnellement, j'ai hâte de voir les prochaines sessions! (Maintenant faut juste que mon corps comprenne qu il va travailler fort 🙂 )

Gwenaelle Gallea