Maxine Grossman, Personal Trainer

Mindfulness while working outMaxine Grossman is a personal trainer and the owner-operator of MG Personal Training, a private fitness studio in Montreal, Canada. Her tools of choice are bodyweight and kettlebell training. A mom with young children herself, she also specializes in pre- and post-natal fitness.

My Philosophy

Time and health are our two most precious resources. Every hour that you dedicate to working out should be an investment in protecting you from injury and giving you maximum results… and a little fun, too. As a personal trainer I strive to bring this to my clients with every hour you spend with me.

My passion is helping people fit fitness into their lives.

As a kid and teenager I wasn’t encouraged to pursue sports and so shied away from it. Only upon graduating high school did I start exploring fitness classes and — shortly after — the weight room. Before long I was weight training 4-5 days a week with a workout buddy and eventually with a personal trainer.

Two decades went by while I asked questions and learned as much as I could about why I was doing certain exercises, how to do them better, and how to eat to get the results I wanted.

In the meantime I was developing a career in marketing, sales and business development, got married, bought a house, had a kid… all the while secretly harbouring a desire to save the world’s orphans in developing nations from disease and hunger.

The A-HA! Moment

It was on my first mat leave that I had the A-HA! moment: by becoming a personal trainer I could combine my fitness passion and fulfill my desire to help people: right here in Montreal, one hour at a time.

MG Personal Training now helps men and women, aged 11 to 75 to become fitter, more mobile and stronger. I offer private-training sessions as well as small group training classes 6 days a week.

I continue to pursue my own fitness practice and am always increasing my knowledge to help assess and train you better.

When I’m not training clients…

When I’m not training clients or doing my own workouts you can find me wiping up (hands, faces, counters, bums) after my two young boys. Or cooking. Or eating. Or cooking and eating. Basically just trying to juggle it all, just like you do.


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