Maxine writing a fitness resolution for 2018

Get Lucky! How to make a REAL fitness resolution & get a free month of training

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Happy ‘18, Everyone!!!

In Jewish tradition 18 is good luck because the Hebrew characters for 18 also spell the word “LIFE”. This is why 18 is lucky, a blessing.

Kinda makes you feel lucky to have a whole year of ’18 stretching ahead of you, right? Enough to do something meaningful, yet too brief and precious to be frittered away. So what will you do with this gift of time? How will you spend it wisely? Ah, the question that launched a thousand New Year’s resolutions.

You going to decide again to make “ALL THE CHANGES”? Always a popular choice. But kinda bites off more than even the healthiest of appetites can chew (I should know).

How about, “FIX ALL THE FLAWS”? A classic, no doubt. But kinda discouraging. And what if those flaws turn out to be what make us human, and not flaws after all??? Hmmm.

We need a better way. Luckily, MGPT is here with the fitness resolution builder.


Fitness doesn’t happen by luck, but lucky number ‘18 is giving us the gift of TIME. Let’s make a fitness resolution to do it justice. You’ll need:

  • 4 minutes
  • pen & paper
  • phone timer

Go get them… I’m waiting!

Ready? OK. Go fast, no editing, bullet points only.

Q1. In what ways is it COSTING YOU to not be as fit as you want to be? (90 seconds)

Q2. What will it UNLOCK FOR YOU to improve your health and fitness? (90 seconds)

Q3. How many times a week would someone need to work out to make this real? (30 seconds)

EXCELLENT! Now build your resolution:

“This year I will work out _(Q3)_ times/week. Then I won’t feel so _(Q1)_ all the time. And I’ll be more likely to finally succeed at _(Q2)_!”

By focusing on the action required (working out), with a measurable number, in a reasonable time frame, you are more likely to succeed than by focusing on an outcome (x pounds, y pull ups). Don’t worry, we will fill in the goals later!

OK, now go back and actually DO the exercise this time. The only thing you have to lose is 4 minutes!


This year commit to making your own luck. Prepay your 1-year membership at MGPT before midnight, Jan 15th, 2018. You’ll receive a FREE 30-MINUTE fitness consultation, and your 13th MONTH FREE. CLICK HERE

The Fundamentals of Strength Training

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The instagrams are clogged to bursting with videos of our friends at Cirque doing one-finger pirouettes and juggling kettlebells (Seriously. That’s a thing. Search #kettlebelljuggling or click this video of kettlebell juggling to see for yourself!).

But before you twinkle your toes—or your kettlebells—in the air, you’ve got to know the fundamentals of strength training. These are the building blocks upon which all other moves rest.

All those fancy flourishes can be boiled down into a few basic categories of human movement: Pull. Push. Lift. Lunge. Squat. Carry.

That’s why we’re dedicating this month at MGPT to the fundamentals of strength training. You’ll learn how to use the Olympic bar to do a real deadlift, squat, shoulder press, and benchpress. We’ll use kettlebells to do swings, carry and Turkish get up.

Why does this matter? What’s the use if you’ll never need to benchpress or swing in real life? A-HA! But you DO need to do this stuff in everyday life. Because every day life is comprised of pull, push, lift, lunge, squat and carry.

And unfortunately… this is the stuff where peeps get hurt because they haven’t trained the proper movement patterns.

You’re at a summer festival with a backpack-full of blankets and snacks and need to visit the port-o-potty (squat). Safely lift the bag of dog food from floor (deadlift). Push your car out of the snow (benchpress) and put away the box of old photos on the top bookshelf (shoulder press). Clear the walkway of snow drifts (swing) and transport baby & bucket from the parked car to the in-laws (carry). Last but certainly not least, you gotta know how to get up offa that dance floor without spilling a drop of martini (Turkish get up).

Practicing the fundamentals of strength training in a safe environment like MGPT Studio not only gets you stronger, it’s also injury prevention for everything life throws at you “out there”.

No one says it better than Bret Contreras, world reknown glute-strength expert (yes, this is also a thing). “If you think lifting weights is dangerous, try being weak. Being weak is dangerous”. 

If you have questions or want to learn more about the fundamentals of strength training, proper lifting technique and injury prevention, call me or drop in for a class.

Be healthy, Be happy,


Teen Fitness - teen girls only!

Teen Fitness Challenge Info

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Lots of you are asking what to expect for the teen fitness challenge. Here’s some more info!

Classes will occur 3 times a week, for 3 weeks, from June 19th to July 7th, 2017 on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8:00 am.  MG Personal Training‘s private studio is located at 5582A Sherbrooke West.

Each class will be an hour. The first 15 minutes will cover topics related to confidence, body image, and nutrition. A 45-minute workout will follow. Classes are for ALL FITNESS LEVELS.

Girls will learn how to use their own bodyweight to get stronger, faster, have more control and mobility. They will gain more confidence in their own ability and what they can achieve with a little practice! At the end of the challenge each participant will receive a bodyweight program that they can practice any time, any where, all summer.

Teen Fitness PRIZES!

Bronze prize of  $10 at Starbucks if you have attended 3 classes.

Silver prize of $20 at Indigo if you have attended 6 classes.

Grand prize of $50 at Forever XXI if you have attended 9 classes.

What to wear? What to bring?

Wear workout clothes and sneakers. Also, the girls will be doing some indoor training barefoot.

Be sure to bring a water bottle. Some classes will be outdoors in Girouard Park, so prepare accordingly (hat, sunscreen, bug spray if desired). Consequently, all valuables and personal items will be locked inside the studio when we go outside. Bring a pen and notepad for putting down your thoughts or questions.

Be sure to arrive 5 minutes ahead of time… classes will start at 8:00 a.m. sharp! On your first day, please bring the completed form below.

More questions? Contact me to learn more.

Can’t wait to see you!


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True story: When I was a teen I believed I was no good at sports, and it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. I never practiced, never got better, was shy to participate, and I was the last one picked for dodgeball. It was only upon leaving high school that I finally felt the freedom to experiment with athletics, in an environment where nobody knew me or had preconceived ideas about my abilities (or lack thereof). This is why teen fitness for girls is so important to me.
Today I’m a personal trainer with my own private studio. I’m 42, have two young boys (ages 3 and 6), and in the best shape of my life. My passion is showing women and girls how get stronger, faster and more confident in their bodies.

Teen fitness for girls is so important

That’s why I’m offering a 2-WEEK FITNESS INTENSIVE for teen girls.

Teen Fitness…. For Girls

The schedule includes 3 class times per week for 3 weeks; girls can attend as many as they like.
  • June 19-July 7.
  • 60 min sessions
  • Mon-Wed-Fri, 8:00 a.m. (*Proposed schedule. Changes are possible in order to accommodate the majority of registrants).
Classes will be held at MG Personal Training on the border of NDG and Westmount. This private studio is opposite beautiful Girouard Park; training will be outside, weather permitting.

Sessions include:

  • workouts to help girls get faster and stronger
  • conversations about nutrition. what, how much and when to eat.
  • take-home summer fitness program. A do-anywhere, body weight only program; no equipment required.

Early registration special = register by June 14 for 10% off

3 classes = $72
6 classes = $125
9 classes = $170

For registration or more info please contact me at 514-781-7899.

Be happy, be healthy,
Maxine Grossman

Are you a Smooth Operator? Work Slower to Become More Flexible, Stronger, And More Efficient

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May is Ninja month at MG Personal Training. We’re practicing being slow, silent, and SMOOTH. Working slow’n’smooth can help reveal rough patches in your movement. Be aware of what your body is telling you: is one side easier to control than the other? Stronger? More flexible? Working out these kinks can help you bust through training plateaus and accomplish new gravity-defying feats.

Less sexy but more practical: It can also help you prevent injuries. Resolving asymmetries and strength discrepancies helps (re)teach your body to move efficiently and safely.

More Flexible, Stronger, and In Control? Or Is it Just An Illusion?

On the other hand, exercising too quickly is like a magic trick. Sure, you might impress the dads in the park by whipping off a quick cartwheel, but can you really control it? You might fool others with your sleight of hand, but in the end you’re only fooling yourself. That’s criminal.

More Flexible, stronger, and more efficient - Ryan Hurst demonstrates slow and smooth

Bodyweight Circuit Routine – Video

Watch Ryan Hurst–Head Ninja at GMB Fitness–demonstrate some of the moves we’ll be practicing at MG Personal Training.

ABCs of Post-Natal Exercise

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Maxine Grossman, of Maxine Grossman Personal Training in NDG, loves working with new moms! On Tuesday, April 25,  she is hosting a workshop at Melons & Clementines: “A-B-Cs of Post-Natal Exercise”. Details are here.

For the last 25 years, Max has been passionate about fitness! She shares that love with others with her very personalized training. She exercised through her two pregnancies, and recoveries, and understands well the challenges. She wants to make sure that new moms train in an informed, safe and supportive environment!

Max shares with us what her workshop is all about, plus offers some advice to new moms about exercising post-baby….

Who should not miss your workshop on post-natal fitness?

“Are my abs gone for good?”.
“Will I ever be able to jump again… without leaking pee?”
“Am I doing these Kegels right… and do I even need to?”

If you’ve been asking yourself questions like these, this workshop is definitely for you. Whether you’ve had your baby 6 days or 6 years ago pregnancy and delivery can take a lasting toll on the body if not properly addressed.

What are some common myths about post-natal exercise?

Myth #1: I’ll start as soon as I have some routine and a few hours to myself.

Ha! Sorry, those days are gone, mama. The good news is just a few minutes a day can make a huge difference, but when that’s all you have to spare you’ll want to spend your time wisely. What’s the most effective thing to be doing???

Myth #2: As soon as I feel strong enough I’ll get back to my “regular” routine.

Yikes. Pregnancy and delivery (vaginal or C-Section) are pretty traumatic on the body. Bits get moved about that need to get worked back into place. Rushing into the exercises you were doing before pregnancy can actually make things worse. We’ll cover how to rebuild that foundation before layering on your previous exercises.

Myth #3. I’ll never get my “pre-baby” body back.

As my three-year-old would say, “Not true, Mama. Verrrry verrrry not true.”
You CAN get your old body back, and maybe even be faster, fitter, stronger than ever. But this takes a long time, a lot of work, and a lot of stars aligning.

Is being stronger than ever a priority for you? If yes, great! We’ll work towards it.
If not, then that’s great too. Prioritize what feels right now.

What is one piece of advice that you can give to a new mom who is eager to start exercising again?

Be kind and patient with yourself. You might be juggling interrupted sleep, breastfeeding, toddlers at home, routine change, no chance to prepare meals (let alone eat). You can practice rebuilding your core and getting stronger, but be forgiving about the demands and expectations you place on your body at this stage.

What will you be covering in Tuesday’s workshop?

The A-B-Cs of Post-Natal Exercise refers to Ab separation, Bladder control and C-sections. I’ll show you how to check for diastasis recti. We’ll talk about pelvic floor, bladder control, and Kegels. I’ll explain the “core” and what strengthening core really means. I’ll show you the most effective way to use your time, and what moves to avoid.

All attendees will receive a pass for a free trial at MG Personal Training.

If a mom is interested in more information, but cannot attend, can you still help her?

Kidding! MG Personal Training offers several classes a week that are appropriate for new moms; babies are always welcome. Call me to ask about a free trial. If you feel have questions or specific issues you’d like to address, we can set up private sessions.

(Interview courtesy Okidgo:

30 day challenge - whole foods

Congrats to everyone who did the 30 day challenge!

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Clean eating is a spectrum. Everyone says “I have pretty good habits”; one always feels “normal” wherever one is on the spectrum. However, a 30 day challenge to eat clean is about sliding a little over on the spectrum to help you set a NEW NORMAL, and maybe you’ll keep some newfound habits with you!

Did you try a new food or learn something new? As a result, have you made any lasting new habits? Lastly, maybe you’ve dropped some bad habits. Let me know, I’d love to hear from you.

A fun workout always has some type of results.

What Makes a FUN Workout?

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What makes a FUN workout?
“Workout buddies!” “MUSIC!” “Room to move around.”
“knowing what I’m doing”.

Great answers, you guys. But you still haven’t named the most important factor that makes working out FUN.

Are you ready? It’s… RESULTS!

A Fun Workout Always Shows Results – Even If They’re Small

There’s nothing more rewarding than accomplishing something that you couldn’t a few short weeks ago. Progressive programming, proper technique and individualized attention make the difference between “exercise” and TRAINING. And training is what gets RESULTS. Now that’s fun.

Contact me to set up your personalised training plan.