Workout buddy

Bring a workout buddy! 

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Your first group class is free at MG Personal Training. Invite (or drag) a friend along to come try it out. Whether you already have a class package or are both trying it out for the first time, if your referred workout buddy signs up you receive a bonus class, free.

Reserve for your Workout Buddy

Contact me to book a guest spot today.

Strength training schedule

Strength Training, Mobility – Which Class Suits You?

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Whether it’s strength training, mobility, breath work, metabolic conditioning, or high-intensity – there’s something for every body and every level at MG Personal Training.

  • TOTAL BODY: a fun and challenging mix of mobility, strength training & metabolic conditioning.
  • BASIC BODY: for all ages and levels.
  • HiiT: High Intensity Interval Training. Short bursts at at high speed (45 mins).
  • STRETCH & BREATHE: Mobility and breath work.

Questions? Call me or check out the FAQs at


MON 10:00 am
TUE   7:15 pm
WED  9:30 am
THU  6:30 am
FRI 9:15 am; HiiT

MON 1:00 pm
WED 1:00 pm
FRI 1:00 pm, Stretch&Breathe

Contact me for private sessions.

All Classes by RSVP 
Space is limited, so reserve your spots!

Unlimited Class Access

The class schedule makes it easy to train twice a week, and add a HiiT or Stretch class on Fridays.

Therefore, if you plan on attending 2 or more times/week consider an unlimited class pack: $420 for unlimited access to all classes, which is valid for 2 months from purchase date.

For more rates and packages see the FAQ page at


MGPT Private Training Gift Certificate

Last month to take advantage of current rates for Private Training.

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Whether it’s for yourself or for someone you love, August is your last opportunity to secure your next package of private training sessions at the current rates.

Private Training Rates for August

10-pack = $650
20-pack = $1200

Private Training Rates As of September 5th 2016

10-pack = $700
20-pack = $1300

There will be no change to group class rates, however I’ve had requests for an unlimited class package. If this is of interest to you, please let me know here!

What's your dream group class schedule?

What’s your ideal group class schedule?

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Schedules matter. I get it. Did you know I majored in Religious Studies? Fascinating stuff for sure, but it was also the only major that let me select classes that fit my student lifestyle: nothing before 10:00 a.m., nothing ending past 4:00 p.m., and definitely no class on Fridays! Now it’s your turn. Help me design a group class schedule that works for YOU.

Design the Ideal Group Class Schedule

What small-group classes would you like to see at MG Personal Training? When do you want them? I’m preparing the fall class calendar and your input will make all the difference.

Please take a few seconds to answer this 5-question survey

Healthier habits for the whole family

Focus on the Journey – Healthier Habits Go a Long Way

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We often say things like “I want to look like this, weigh that…”
A change in physique is a potential outcome of exercise, and even then, it’s one that only happens many steps down the line. It’s like wanting to smell the broth before making the soup. You gotta peel the carrots and chop some onions first! Therefore, if changing your physique is the destination, focus on the journey, and on healthier habits.

A number on the scale is the outcome of many different variables, including diet and exercise… and also genetics and stress levels and hormones and lifestyle. You can’t necessarily control many of these factors, but you CAN control your behaviours and habits.

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