Frequently Asked Questions

What are Total Body Fitness classes like?

Every class is a fun and challenging mix of mobility, strength and aerobic work, all with an emphasis on technique. You get a well-balanced full body workout that encourages you to progress in a motivating, non-competitive setting.

Expect the unexpected because you’ll never get the exact same workout twice. One day its medicine balls and TRX suspension trainers, the next it’s kettlebells and resistance bands, and every class includes some exercises that use no implements at all… just your body!

Classes average between 4-6 people so that each client receives individual attention (or modifications as needed). You get the benefits of a personal trainer with the camaraderie of a small group class. Your first session is free so come give it a try! All levels welcome.  

Fun + hard work = results that will keep you coming back for more.

I’d like to take group classes. What if I’m not at the same level as the others?

All levels are welcome in Total Body Fitness classes. I’ll adapt the exercises, tempo or weights to suit your current level (for example the number of reps you can do in 60 seconds is up to you!).

If you don’t feel quite ready to dive in, consider Basic Body.

In Basic Body you’ll learn the technique and correct movement patterns for key exercises practiced in Total Body Fitness classes while continuing to develop your foundation of mobility, stability, strength and metabolic conditioning. Appropriate for all levels, ages, and post-partum. For those at an advanced level, this class will provide a full body workout with the opportunity to finesse and master fundamentals. 

Know someone who would be interested? Pass it along!

Sometimes a few private sessions can be just what the doctor ordered. We’ll work on your specific fitness needs to help you ramp up.

Looking to be in a group of your cohorts? Ask me about post-natal or Ladies 65+ classes.

Can I bring my baby to class? What if s/he cries the whole time?

Babies are 100% welcome in class. It’s hard to get a workout in during those first few months with baby. The goal of the class is to get you moving so you can start feeling strong again, so you do whatever it takes. If that means bringing the baby, terrific! If that means having the baby watched by someone else, terrific!

Ab separation, pelvic floor issues, c-sections, tight hips and rounded shoulders are just a few of the special considerations of post-natal moms! My post-natal fitness class focuses on (re)developing strength and stability in the areas hardest hit by pregnancy, delivery and caring for baby.  

Within a few months of training you just might find that your core stability, glute strength, and upper back posture are better than they ever were! And if your baby cries, no worries. We’ve all been there. I’ll gladly hold her myself so you can get your work done.

What are your rates?

Small Group Class Rates
With class sizes capped at 8 people maximum, you benefit from personalized attention plus the camaraderie and rates of a group class.

RSVP here to try your first class free.
Membership makes it easier to stay consistent and get results. There are two options to suit you.
Includes access to all MGPT small-group training for one monthly fee. This is your best bet if you’ll be training twice a week or more.
4/MONTH ACCESS. $73/mo. 
Includes 4 credits for small-group training classes per month. Additional classes available for a drop-in fee.
Change plans or cancel any time.
Click here to book your free trial or join now.

Private Training    

Private sessions are perfect if you prefer to train one on one, want to tackle specific fitness goals, or need to address individual concerns.

  • First assessment = $90
  • 10-pack = $750
  • 20-pack = $1400

All prices are listed before taxes.

Have questions? Let’s set up a call to figure out which plan is right for you.

What is the expiration and cancellation policy?

Small-group classes: 

Clients must reserve online to ensure their spot in small group classes. Attendance is limited to 8 people. Not registering can result in their being no remaining space, or that you were not notified of changes to class times. They can also result in a 20 burpee penalty, at coaches’ discretion. 🙂

Cancellation Policy

One class credit will charged for cancellation received with less than 12 hours’ notice.

BONUS: If you are on an Unlimited Access membership, there is no credit penalty (one more reason to choose Unlimited Access!). However if you can’t come to a class please cancel anyway so that you free up your spot and we know how many clients to expect.

Packages of Private sessions:  

20-packs of private sessions are valid for 10 months from date of purchase. 10-packs of privates are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

Unused credits can be transferred to a friend or family member with the same validity duration.  If you are purchasing credits for someone else validity is from the day of gifting. 

Can I get a personalized workout program to do on my own?

Yes! I can absolutely design you a program for working out on your own. This package is formatted to optimize your independant training success and includes 5 key components:

  • DEFINE: an initial dialogue about your fitness goals, current lifestyle, and parameters for your desired workout (frequency, duration, any equipment you have, etc.)
  • ASSESS: an initial session to conduct a movement screen and fitness assessment.
  • DESIGN: I design your individualized program based on the above information.
  • WALK-THROUGH: a second session where I take you through your program, step by step, address any questions and make necessary adjustments.
  • SUCCESS TRACKING: you get online access to your program where you can log progress and workouts.

Following this package we can reconvene at your desired frequency for periodic program updates.