Small Group Classes

Reap the benefits of a personal trainer with the camaraderie (and rates!) of a small group class.

Class size averages 3-5 people.
Clients receive individual attention and/or modifications.
Class duration is 55 minutes.
All levels welcome.
Your first session is free so come give it a try!


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10:00 am, Total Body

2:00 pm, Basic Body


6:15 am, Total Body

9:00 am, HiiT / Abs

7:15 pm, Basic Body


8:30 am, Total Body

9:30 am, Total Body

5:30 pm, Basic Body


6:15 am, Basic Body

8:30 am, Basic Body

9:30 am, Dancer Body

7:15 pm, Total Body


12:15 pm, HiiT (45 min)

1:00 pm, Stretch & Breathe


9:00 am, Basic Body

All classes by RSVP. Space is limited so reserve your spot!

Class Descriptions

Total Body Fitness

  • A fun and challenging mix of mobility, strength and aerobic work. Expect a full-body workout… just don’t expect the same workout twice!
  • Exercises practiced “backstage” in the studio translate into real world strength and speed. Prepare to surprise yourself and those around you next time you rearrange the living room furniture!   

Basic Body Fitness

Get stronger and leaner with fundamental exercises that will teach your body to move well. Expect a full-body workout with special attention paid to core stability, glute strength, and posture.

For all levels. If you recognize yourself in this list, Basic Body is for you!

  • Post-natal: Sleepless night, draining days, special considerations like diastasis recti and pelvic floor weakness. Carve out this hour for yourself to reclaim your body! Babies welcome.
  • Ramp up: For those just getting back into fitness after a hiatus or getting into it for the first time
  • Fit at any age: Practice with us to improve coordination, balance, and mobility.
  • Advanced clients: Your opportunity to practice and perfect fundamental movement patterns.

Stretch & Breathe

It’s the perfect way to let go of the stress from the week.

  • Increase range of motion through your joints as well as muscular flexibility.
  • Deep breathing practice will reduce stress and improve oxygen flow.
  • Side effects may include improved posture, better sleep and relief from chronic pain.

HiiT – High Intensity Interval Training

  • Short bursts of high-speed rounds that pack in a lot of reps.
  • A perfect compliment to your strength and mobility training.


I will carve out time for my workout and treat it as sacred.
I won’t skip my workout or cut it short.
I won’t apologize or atone for this time.

My workout is my ME time: my exercise, my meditation and my therapy. I’m doing it for my body and my mind. I will stay focused, stay in the moment, and concentrate on quality of movement.

I’m doing it for you, too. When I work out, you get the strongest, calmest, happiest, sexiest, version of me.

With practice, I’m getting stronger, faster, and more flexible all the time. That means the best shape of my life is still ahead of me.