Vacations Rule! / Vacation Rules – Vacation Fitness Ideas for Summer Holidays

Get the whole family involved in vacation fitness

I hope you have some fun summer plans lined up! I just got back from two weeks in Spain where there are delicious treats everywhere you look, and where long lazy days stretch into long lazy evenings. Because we work so hard all year, it’s important to unwind . But if you’ve been working hard all year on your fitness it’s also important not to lose those gains! You can go on vacation without going off the rails. Make some holiday allowances, but make yourself some holiday rules too. Not sure how to strike a balance? Here are some vacation fitness ideas…

  • Have all the desserts you really want! And skip the ones you don’t.
  • Try a sport you haven’t done since high school.
  • Swim or play soccer with the kids for as long as they want to.
  • Trade your weights for bodyweight training.
  • Swap your sneakers for sand and jog in the surf.

Get a Personalised Vacation Fitness Plan

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