What’s the healthiest life you ENJOY living?

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The healthiest life can make room for ice cream too!

Clients often say “I was good this week”, or “I was bad this week”. Meaning either they peeled the skin off their chicken breast or had snacks they were not proud of. ALERT! Neither of these things make you a morally better/worse person and I LOVE YOU just the same. The goal is to live the healthiest life you actually *enjoy* living. Only YOU can define where you sit on this.

The more you read ingredients and nutrition labels; the more you pay attention to how you feel when you eat whole foods (including delicious crispy chicken skin and the dark meat it rode in on), the more you may find that the life you ENJOY is one that has more healthy foods. Say NO to being militant, Say YES to participating in festive occasions with family and friends. Say NO to obsessing over pant size. (ALERT! pant size ALSO does not make you a better/worse person). Say YES to the treats that really bring you joy, and NO eating the kids’ leftover pizza crust and goldfish crackers just because “they were there”. The recipe for living the healthiest life you actually enjoy living? Aim for being 85% good 85% of the time and you’ll get an A+ from me.

I was recently inspired by Jolene Jones, a former body builder who shares her “reverse transformation” on how much happier she is since she gained 25 lbs. She writes, “Things I don’t do during meals: MATH”.

The healthiest life you enjoy living means including your mental, emotional and social health in the equation. Any regime that stresses you out or makes you unhappy is not quite balanced yet. Let me know if you want to talk about making adjustments.

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